Towards twin transition for a more competitive European industry

PN: 2022-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000086068
We aim to boost the capacity of manufacturing SMEs for twin (green-digital) transition by equipping them with comprehensive and flexible training package and thus raising their awareness on the need and benefits of this transition.

Twin transition is seen as a way towards EU recovery

The TWIN 4.0 project is focused on creating a comprehensive training package aimed at equipping manufacturing SMEs’ current and potential (VET students, apprentices, etc.) employees and managers with the necessary knowledge and skills for enabling effective digital-green transition within their current and/or future workplace.
The environmental footprint of SMEs in the manufacturing sector is considerably higher compared to SMEs in the service sector

TWIN 4.0 Environmental impact audit tool

identifies the main barriers hindering manufacturing SMEs from performing environmental impact audits and address them
allows manufacturing SMEs to evaluate and monitor their environmental footprint

We offer a tailored to the labour market needs, multidisciplinary training course

aimed to support manufacturing SMEs in the process of twin transition and thus contributing towards reducing their environmental impact in line with E+ priority focused on environment and climate change.

TWIN 4.0 Transition guidelines for VET providers

We strengthen the capacity of VET providers to offer relevant to the postpandemic labour market needs educational and training services in the field of twin transition.
TWIN 4.0